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The Law Offices of Sergio C. Garcia understand how traumatic and frustrating an auto accident can be. There are always many questions and very few answers. That is why if you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident you should call his office right away. Mr. Garcia is used to tough battles and has been involved with personal injury matters for the last 9 years.  He is dedicated to helping accident victims obtain fair compensation for all injuries caused by someone else's negligence. He will work hard to make sure you get every possible benefit you are entitled to under the available policies.

Immigration is a subject very close to Mr. Garcia’s heart. Due to his lack of immigration status he had to undertake a historic fight in order to be allowed to fulfill his dream and practice as an attorney. Fortunately, after many years of fighting Mr. Garcia prevail and was admitted on February 1, 2014. However, even before that Mr. Garcia was busy traveling across the country working with other groups helping young dreamers apply for deferred action.

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El Amor de Una Madre…

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Este fin de semana tuve la bendición de inspirar a cientos de jóvenes que se estaban graduando de La Universidad de Los Ángeles mejor conocida como UCLA. Al entrar a aquel estadio de basquetbol cual...

Una vida en limbo…

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Es dificil describir el sentimiento que se siente al finalmente ver la puerta de salida despues de vivir una vida en limbo. Como ustedes saben yo he vivido la mayor parte de mi vida en...


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